Revenue Recognition & Forecasting Tour


The revenue recognition and forecasting app from FinancialForce integrates your CRM, accounting and revenue recognition all in one mobile-enabled platform. Is a lightning-ready Salesforce app that gives you 360° visibility into all revenue, both recognized and deferred, so you can easily navigate your transition to the new standards while supporting your current needs.

Bring in data from across your organization with a single click using flexible templates that support multiple accounting rules. You can automatically link your contract revenue and costs to perform its obligations, and by automating revenue and cost allocations, you'll prevent posting errors and eliminate the need for manual spreadsheets. Make informed decisions with comprehensive revenue and cost forecasting in summary or item by item.

FinancialForce supports any business scenario allowing you to recognize multiple revenue streams in a single solution. And revenue recognition entries link back to data stored on the Salesforce platform for easy audit trail compliance. FinancialForce also separates billing from revenue recognition. Invoices are automatically generated with speed and accuracy at the appropriate time, one time or recurring.

Get the complete picture of your organizations revenue with the revenue recognition and forecasting app from FinancialForce.