Forecast, manage and plan resources more effectively

Where a 1-2% improvement in resource utilization overall is the difference between hitting or missing your KPIs, resource management is critical — and complex. Get the visibility and tools you need to adjust your operating levers and move the needle on resource utilization.

resource management software
Professional Services Automation: Time & Expense Management

Optimize resource management with sales collaboration

RESOURCE PLANNING: End communication bottlenecks.  Make resource scheduling easier. Ensure you can absolutely deliver what you sell today and anticipate what you need to do the same tomorrow.

  • Enable services to define and assess future resource requirements by role or resource
  • Gain visibility into your services pipeline with powerful planning software
  • Go directly to the account or opportunity to get context of new project and help drive smarter project management

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resource management software
resource management software

Plan confidently with facts, not guesses

RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION: Match projects to resources with the right skills at the right time. Understand all aspects of a resource schedule — project time, PTO, non-billable time — to optimize staffing and master project management.

  • Track resource skills, certifications and availability
  • Manage change in a single, intuitive Resource Planner
  • Monitor and configure utilization measurements to meet your resource scheduling needs

Reduce time on the bench with resource management software

RESOURCE CAPACITY: Stop stop relying on spreadsheets and guessing. Use planning software that monitors capacity, backlog, and availability across projects and resource scheduling. 

  • Drill down to resource schedule details online 24x7, even before it happens
  • Find, retain and develop the resources you need now and in the future

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resource management software

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