Professional Services Automation
(PSA) Software

Sales makes promises.
Our PSA apps deliver.

Cloud Professional Services Automation (PSA) gives you the visibility and power to drive revenue growth, improve margins and deliver on your promises.

Cloud Professional Services Automation features

A window to connect your resources and projects

See who is working where and when. Edit schedules by the day, week or month with a click. Resolve staffing situations before they become problems. Resource and project planners make managing a breeze.

  • Schedule the right people onto the right projects at the right time
  • Manage resource utilization quickly and easily
  • Focus on project profitability while improving your project discipline
  • Engage resources, customers, and partners to drive project success
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Management of daily resource schedules

Connect Sales and Services for better resource management and customer satisfaction

Get deep visibility into your sales pipeline and be ready with the right resources.

  • Spot your future talent needs sooner with demand visibility from Salesforce CRM, balance resource supply in PSA, and manage the recruitment cycle in HCM: Peoplecasting™
  • Engage services earlier to provide more accurate pricing, clearly defined customer expectations and higher win rates
  • A seamless transition from closed opportunity to project initiation sets the project and your team up for success
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Hiring status by Resource Role report

Experience enterprise class scalability

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation Software (PSA) helps hundreds of professional services businesses worldwide increase profits and delight customers.

  • Break down silos and open up information flow between sales, services and finance
  • Get scalable applications that run on one platform
  • Put everyone to work together on one powerful, social, mobile system
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Services Delivery Forcecast dashboard on mobile

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