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Take total control of what’s constantly changing.


From dock to stock and stock to dock, FinancialForce Inventory Management allows you to see, simplify, optimize, and leverage inventory data across your entire organization. Know precisely what you’ve got, what you can sell, and what’s on its way. Every minute of every day.

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Warehousing data 5 levels deep

WAREHOUSING: Flexible warehousing model that supports both physical or virtual inventory and goes five levels deep. See across different physical locations and companies.

  • View inventory levels across multiple warehouses in multiple currencies in actual cost
  • Stock items at the bin level
  • Integrate cycle counting into daily warehouse activities


Intelligent replenishment: Inventory management reports on mobile phone

Item counts you can count on

ITEM MANAGEMENT: Tangible or intangible items, our app gives you the controls and power to keep inventory organized and stock replenished.

  • Manage multiple conditions (new, used, etc.) under a single SKU
  • Manage inventory by customer, supplier, or project

Flexible bill of materials

A powerful structure that allows you to do both virtual and manufactured kitting. Simplify and automate the entire configure-to-order process.

Intelligent replenishment: Inventory management reports on mobile phone

Know what’s coming and going

RECEIVING & SHIPPING: It’s stock to dock and dock to stock in one app. FinancialForce Action Queues gives you upstream visibility of the work ahead.


Transfers in a flash

Easily mass transfer goods from warehouse to warehouse or location to location — with or without shipment and receipt processes.

Controlling the lot

Establish serial number and lot control as you define an item. You’ll get visibility of actual margins and keep profits flowing.

Intelligent replenishment

Built-in reorder point processes ensure you’re always “in-stock”. And processes can be customized to warehouses, conditions and ownership.

  • Automate supply requisitions using safety stock, reorder points, min/max and acquisition lead time
  • Create purchase orders based on supplier agreements


Intelligent replenishment: Inventory management reports on mobile phone

Put it in reverse

Any action put into motion can be reversed — including customer and supplier returns — with all returns automatically reflected in the system.

  • Streamlined Return Material Authorization (RMA), Return to Vendor (RTV) process with serial number tracking

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