Deliver the best estimates
efficiently, effectively, and accurately

Any successful professional services team must win a continual pipeline of new opportunities. With Services CPQ, you can seamlessly prepare compelling estimates that are both competitive and profitable. Produce better estimates more easily and faster. Deliver against your company's business goals and financial targets.

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Services CPQ Native to Salesforce

"What we ultimately ended up with was a very agile, intelligent approach to one of our biggest disconnects:how do we get services estimating into the Salesforce platform at Salesforce and allow our our resources to utilize that in a very simple, efficient scalable way."

Mark Conklin
Senior Director - Operations


Services CPQ


Deliver the best estimates

Balance costs, revenue, and margins to produce the most commercially attractive estimates. Model changes to resourcing, prices, discounts, and expenses to deliver the best result for you and your customer.

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Speed, efficiency, and experience

Automate the initiation of estimates using best practices templates and previous estimates. Rapidly produce high-quality estimates that fully leverage your business knowledge.

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Smooth, seamless processes

Initiate estimates directly from an opportunity within Salesforce. Apply critical data automatically without duplication. Create projects instantaneously from successful bids with all the information needed. Automate estimating processes without errors or time delays.

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Matching capacity and demand

Include the correct resource profile in estimates and ensure the delivery capacity to successfully complete the work. Proactively plan resource levels to prepare service delivery teams for future demands.

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Achieve targets and stay compliant

Manage approvals to ensure compliance with your business rules and targets. Apply financial limits and tolerances for rapid decision-making. Ensure complete visibility and traceability of every step in the process.

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Clearsulting Monica Engelhardt
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“With FinancialForce solutions, we can ensure all consulting-related information seamlessly flows from sales to services to invoicing, paving the way for our continued growth. We now have one source of truth, faster invoicing and faster month-end closes.”

Monica Engelhardt