Thales experiences the game-changing impact of FinancialForce

FinancialForce PSA drives the highest levels of data quality across our professional services and higher levels of performance from our resources. David Laffineuse, Worldwide Manager Process, Tools and Integration

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Driving global consistency and improvement

Through its advanced data protection and cybersecurity solutions and services, Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing (CPL) – part of the Thales Group – delivers trust wherever information is created, shared or stored.

With integration, Thales' benefits include:

  • 100% Project ROI
  • 99-100% Data accuracy month-over-month
  • Reduced revenue leakage

FinancialForce PSA Customer: Thales

Thales CPL’s three regional professional service groups ran independently, calling upon disparate systems and processes. Without integration between these systems and Salesforce – and lack of standardized management of engagements, financial reporting, and key performance indicators – the company struggled to compare performance and utilization across business units.

Their organization standardized on FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) worldwide and engaged professional services from FinancialForce to assist with configurations. With direction from the FinancialForce services team, Thales CPL is implementing leading best practices throughout their organization. As a result, Thales CPL ensures continuity between opportunity lifecycle management and project lifecycle management, even as it acquires companies.


While Thales CPL now enforces a single professional services discipline using FinancialForce PSA, business units enjoy the flexibility to structure their practices and regions as needed. Now that the company considers FinancialForce PSA a mission-critical system, additional departments are adopting it to improve their project management.

With all project data managed in FinancialForce PSA, the company can automatically detect project anomalies, such as whether the wrong resource was assigned or a fixed price was assigned to a time-and-materials project. Plus, everyone is confident in the accuracy of project data and reports. A data quality dashboard tracks key quality indicators in project administration, making it easy to compare regional performance.


Once FinancialForce PSA was in place, Thales CPL recognized it had missed revenue due to discrepancies between support agreements and project work. The company has reduced revenue leakage by easily reviewing all project-related costs and sources of non-billable hours captured in FinancialForce. Hand in hand with this, the resource assignment feature in FinancialForce PSA empowers the company to improve utilization by ensuring its staff are always lined up to work on billable assignments.

As Thales CPL has adapted to new requirements and rolled out FinancialForce PSA to companies it acquires, it has been impressed by how FinancialForce professional services handles these complex projects. Going forward, the company plans to continue collaborating with FinancialForce professional services to extract additional value from FinancialForce PSA. One major project is to integrate FinancialForce PSA with Jira, enabling the development team in the company’s software monetization group to further improve its agile project management.