Delivering digital reading platforms with SCM

FinancialForce SCM is key for tracking our global Kindles at every stage of their journey. Noris Chavarria, Major Gifts Officer, Worldreader

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Challenges of scale

Getting e-readers into the hands of children and families that need them the most is logistically complicated. At its headquarters in San Francisco, Worldreader digitizes books and loads them on electronic devices, and then ships them to locations like Ghana and Kenya.

Local staff and partners then provide reading support with teachers and librarians. In essence, this describes Worldreader's supply chain, a complex process involving numerous participants, processes, and organizations.

Key benefits:

  • 47 Countries
  • 600,000+ Monthly readers
  • 7 Million readers since 2010

FinancialForce PSA Customer: Worldreader

Because FinancialForce SCM is integrated with Salesforce, teams can share the same record associated with each initiative from quote, to order, to cash, to fulfillment, to payment and back.


FinancialForce SCM enables Worldreader to manage and visualize its inventory of global Kindles. Even as the organization scales its reach and the size of its initiatives, it will be able to keep track of its e-readers and the other equipment that make it possible to fulfill its global mission.

With FinancialForce SCM, supply chain teams can easily and in real time view inventory, contract details, and available spend from any device.


"Our core platforms enable us to scale our programs in the geographies that need our attention the most. We're furthering our global reach, scaling up our Kindle programs in new districts, counties, and countries, and continuing to deliver on our mission: Creating a Literate World," says Noris Chavarria, Worldreader's Major Gifts Officer. FinancialForce SCM is key to our ability to track our global Kindles at every stage of their journey. The combination of Salesforce + FinancialForce is critical to the delivery of our programs around the world," concludes Chavarria.