Powerful and agile
order fulfillment

Simplify and streamline the order-to-fulfillment process for goods and services - all on the Salesforce platform.

Einstein Analytics
Einstein Analytics

We’re able to reduce labor, reduce inventory, and better manage our customer base. Our margins have gone up in the five-point range since the implementation of FinancialForce.”


Visibility and control at every stage

With FinancialForce Order & Inventory Management, you can simplify, optimize, and leverage inventory data at every stage of the fulfillment process. Get flexible pricing structures, views into upsell opportunities, available inventory, and margins at the line level. Access everything you need to improve profits and customer satisfaction.

One system for everything

FinancialForce allows you to manage multiple channels for tangible and intangible goods and services in one place. See the complete order lifecycle and take actions that keep customers happy.

  • Support multiple fulfillment models,including warehouse and drop shipment
  • Support centralized and decentralized sales and fulfillment logistics
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and complex integrations

Smart order processes

Automatically create sales orders from quotes or opportunities and expedite fulfillment with automated purchase order creation from sales orders for items not in stock. Reduce order fulfillment errors and increase speed of delivery.

  • Easily enforce your business processes and automate workflows across the entire supply chain spectrum
  • Generate an order for time, material, and options from a single screen
  • Get a flexible bill of materials (BOM) for both virtual and manufactured kitting
  • Easily process customer returns with Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA)

Inventory insights

Reduce commitment issues by using real-time views into inventory (available and promised), contract information, and spend.

  • Know precisely what you have, what you can sell, and what’s on the way
  • Built-in reorder point processes ensure you’re always “in-stock”
  • Plan smarter with upstream visibility

Item management

FinancialForce gives you the controls and power to keep inventory organized and stock replenished for both tangible and intangible items.

  • Manage multiple conditions (new, used, etc.) under a single SKU
  • Manage inventory by customer, supplier, or project

Deep warehousing data

Scan across physical locations and companies with a flexible warehousing model that supports physical and virtual inventory five levels deep, including Warehouse, Row, Rack, Bin, and Shelf.

  • View inventory levels across multiple warehouses and multiple currencies in actual cost
  • Stock items at the bin level
  • Integrate cycle counting into daily warehouse activities
  • Easily mass transfer goods from warehouse to warehouse or location to location – with or without shipment and receipt processes

Powerful reporting

Easily track open orders, fulfillment, costs, and profits. Real-time dashboards and reports give you the data you need to make smarter decisions.

  • Monitor order-to-fulfillment times
  • Track margins, profits, and efficiencies
  • Customize reports and dashboards for specific roles

Salesforce platform

Natively built on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce gives you the scalability and flexibility of the world’s #1 cloud platform. So instead of maintaining technology and your IT stack, you can focus on serving customers and growing the business.

  • Enjoy a sleek, easy-to-use, and secure user experience
  • Tap into AppExchange, the world’s leading business app marketplace
  • Leverage the future of reporting and analytics with Salesforce Einstein


Ready for modern ERP?

FinancialForce is the leading cloud ERP for the new services economy. The #1 ERP native to the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce unifies data across the enterprise in real-time, enabling companies to rapidly evolve their business models with customers at the center.