Embrace digital transformation
for healthcare with FinancialForce

Significant advances in technology and increases in data volumes have established a new era of healthcare innovation. But tapping into new opportunities requires business applications that can support growth. With the only modern ERP suite and the #1 PSA solution on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce is built to power growing healthcare businesses.

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Why clinical research organizations
use FinancialForce

The demands on clinical research organizations (CRO) continue to increase as they adapt to managing trials in a virtual world. CROs must address the twin challenges of remote delivery and cost control, while keeping sponsors, participants, and teams happy. To thrive, they must look for new ways to improve processes, data quality, and team alignment while focusing on making the trial’s integrity the best it can be.

FinancialForce seamlessly unifies all involved - service teams, sponsors, finance - on one centralized platform, delivering a single source of truth for virtual and decentralized trials. You will accelerate the trial process without sacrificing data quality; empower teams with actionable insights at every stage; and elevate patient and sponsor engagement with real-time collaboration tools.

Explore how CROs empowering their teams with PSA

Streamline Your Clinical Research Organization's Processes End to End

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George Clinical chooses FinancialForce for financial consolidation, data accuracy

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How CROs Can Streamline Their Processes for the Digital Era

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“Imprivata is rapidly growing, and FinancialForce enables our professional services team to keep pace with and exceed that growth.”

Doug Caira
Vice President of Professional Services, Imprivata


ERP software for Salesforce


Faster revenue recognition


Faster billing


Improvement in DSOs

Your customer-centric business platform

Native to Salesforce’s leading cloud platform, FinancialForce puts your customers at the center of your business, helping you develop new revenue models, run more predictable business operations, and increase customer lifetime value.

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Automate any and
all revenue streams

FinancialForce empowers you to more easily deliver service-based offerings and service-product blends. Whether you deal in complex, subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, or individual products, all sources of billing and revenue management needs can be accommodated.

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Billing & revenue management for healthcare industry
Billing & revenue management for healthcare industry


Improve customer satisfaction and retention

By streamlining customer interactions with project management, billing, and other financial functions, FinancialForce helps healthcare businesses increase customer satisfaction and renewal rates.

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Customer-centric software for healthcare industry
Customer-centric software for healthcare industry


Boost your services business with the #1 PSA

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) optimizes every aspect of professional services execution, leading to improved employee retention, boosted utilization, and reliably on-time, on-budget project delivery.

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Services automation for healthcare industry


Make faster,
smarter decisions

You don’t have to hire an army of data scientists or buy expensive third-party tools and data warehouses to glean meaningful business insights. With project, revenue, and cost data for all of your business in one place, FinancialForce eliminates revenue leakage and provides powerful, holistic analytics.

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Intelligent analytics software for healthcare industry
Intelligent analytics software for healthcare industry


Leverage the
#1 business cloud

Natively built on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce gives you even more value when combined with the world’s #1 CRM and cloud platform. Instead of maintaining faulty integrations and middleware, you can focus on serving customers and growing the business.

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Salesforce for healthcare industry
Salesforce for healthcare industry

“We don’t want a front and back office – we just want one office. FinancialForce will integrate all our operations and enable us to implement best practices across our organisation.”

Brad Campbell
CFO, Novotech


SPI 2021 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark report

Uncover how top-performing professional services organizations
drove higher billable utilization using PSA