Greenway Health Manages Patient Healthcare with Healthy Systems

"The integration between FinancialForce and Salesforce is really seamless. And between OpenAir and Salesforce, it's not. So with FinancialForce we have a lot more information available to us, a lot more real-time, and it's a lot easier.”
Debbie Mattingly, Senior Director Professional Services Operations

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change. Greenway Health’s mission is to help providers and practices adjust to these frequent changes with its ambulatory software, hardware, services and connectivities. FinancialForce PSA keeps their services projects on track and on budget and to ensure their clients are getting the greatest value from Greenway Health solutions.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Large

Previous system: Netsuite OpenAir

Location: Carrollton, Georgia, US

Industry: Healthcare Technology

We've kind of gotten used to the fact that FinancialForce is really a very quick way to identify customers, opportunities, projects, schedules, that sort of thing. Easily, FinancialForce has saved us four hours out of a day. PSA is so much easier to work with than OpenAir.

Lesa Scarbrough, Manager, Solution Services

Business Issues

Disconnected from Salesforce

Greenway’s merger with two other companies left them with three different services management systems and data that was disconnected from Salesforce. One of those systems was OpenAir and it did not meet their business needs. OpenAir lacked visibility into projects, utilization data and forecasting even after customizing it as far as it would go.

Benefits & Results

Patient healthcare deserves a healthy system: FinancialForce PSA

Automation, reporting, scalability and access to data were key factors in selecting FinancialForce PSA. The security of Healthcare data is now a no-brainer with FinancialForce PSA on the Salesforce platform. FinancialForce gave the Greenway team all the confidence they needed to put the best system in place.

Meeting strict healthcare industry needs

HIPAA and PHI confidentialities are critical when working in healthcare IT. FinancialForce helps services manage and maintain regulatory integrity when delivering projects to customers.

The Federal Meaningful Use Mandate is another area of importance. FinancialForce is helping Greenway ensure their clients are achieving Meaningful Use by tracking the project tasks needed to become a meaningful user.

Unified data gives deep visibility

Views across projects, scheduling, utilization, time cards and length of time to deliver, gives the services team the data they need to better manage the business and improve productivity.

Projects stay on track and remote staff are now working in the same system across multiple locations.

Management is able to spot issues early, such as decreasing profit margins and make swift adjustments or adjust where the team is focused.

Not just reporting—this is analytics!

Ability to report on almost every field in the system surfaces the impact on utilization, creating more accurate scheduling forecasts, and allows team to see which holes need to be filled and staff appropriately.

"If I were here to put an asterisk on anything, FinancialForce gave us the ability to data mine. We needed to data mine and we didn't have that with our other systems.”—Lesa Scarbrough, Manager, Solution Services

Self-service reports and dashboards empower everyone to respond immediately to risk areas such as projects running over budget, or outstanding invoices.

"The reports and dashboards in FinancialForce are awesome. FinancialForce gives us the data that allows us to focus on those products and services that are most profitable. Whatever anybody needs to be able to report on, to be able to do their job better, to make a decision, we can do it.”—Debbie Mattingly

Sales and services collaboration, smart project planning

The connection between sales and services allows the services team to be a part of the quoting process, making sure that the right resources are available when needed.

As a Services Manager, Lesa Scarborough is on the front lines of customer satisfaction: “The Greenway motto is ‘The customer is the main thing’, and services is a very big part of that. Services is the face of every sales order. The automation between Sales and Services with FinancialForce allows us to have better delivery efficiency to our healthcare providers - using FinancialForce helps us, help our customers deliver their health care.”

FinancialForce PSA ensures the team is well coordinated to get the project implemented and the customer has a satisfactory experience.

Customer impact through automation

Automation between sales orders and projects allows team to start the implementation sooner, getting customers what they need faster which leads to a healthier customer base and revenues.

Customers are more satisfied. Utilizing the tasks in FinancialForce keep projects organized, on time and on budget.

"With FinancialForce, when we survey customers we're finding our services scores are absolutely trending up. The customers are very satisfied with what we're able to do for them, utilizing the tasks in PSA.”—Debbie Mattingly

A services app that keeps Finance happy

The flexibility of FinancialForce PSA allows Greenway to configure the system to their unique business needs that meets services delivery and finance department needshuge operational wins. With data at everyone’s fingertips there is less reliance on the accounting department and the finance phone rings a lot less with report requests.

Greenway also uses FinancialForce Revenue Management app which enables multiple delivery options for customers. Greenway can schedule the way they need to and leave it to the system to properly recognize those hours, and revenue. So much stronger than in OpenAir.

Chatter creates enthusiasm cross teams

The teams are using Chatter for everything! Cross-department collaboration spurs teams to work together towards the common goal of always satisfying the customer.