Three, two, one 2go… Launching tomorrow!

Three, two, one 2go… Launching tomorrow!

David Turner

Just one day now to the official unveiling of CODA 2go, at’s Dreamforce Europe event in London. Apparently registration broke the 2000 barrier some days ago so there will literally be standing room only when CODA’s CEO Jeremy Roche joins’s boss Marc Benioff on stage. Jeremy will show some highlights of the ‘opportunity to cash’ process of CODA 2go, and discuss the product strategy and detail of pricing and availability.

Shortly afterwards there will be a breakout where delegates can see the product in more detail. We are briefing press all day today and tomorrow, so watch out for coverage around the world. Well know tech blogger Dennis Howlett got a preview last week and was highly positive – see his commentary on US site ZDnet or his own site, Accman pro. We’ll blog more news over the next few days…

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