Chatter Roundtable with EMEA analysts

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I’m attending a roundtable event on Monday organized by to discuss the merits of Chatter and the application in action. I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s experiences. The audience will be made up of EMEA industry analysts who will be provided with an update on Chatter’s progress and will be joined by customers who will share details of how they are making use of Chatter within their organizations. has been invited for a few reasons.

To discuss our own use of Chatter, how we have embedded it in our FinancialForce Accounting app and how we have built additional apps using Chatter as a platform. From our own experience and that of our customers so far, the main benefit by far is that Chatter highlights potential business issues to the right people before they become a problem, which in the end enables better customer service. We also note that it helps connect sales and finance over and above what integration between systems can do.

If accounts and sales are alerted to a helpdesk issue, they will have a better understanding of why a customer might not be paying an outstanding bill, or why that customer isn’t extending their contract and a resolution can be found quickly for mutual benefit. In the words of one of our customers that I spoke with recently, “sales is finance and finance is sales, the two things go hand in hand….”

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