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Introducing 'Everyday HCM' – HR at every point

HR functions should be accessible to employees throughout every point of their work, from every view, everywhere. That is why yesterday we introduced ‘Everyday HCM,’ a new approach to Human Capital Management, where HR capabilities are embedded throughout CRM and ERP processes.

The idea behind 'Everyday HCM' is that human capital management is an ‘everyday’ function that is already part of employees’ existing work environment. It's no secret that employee-centric systems lead to customer-centric cultures, so by leveraging the Salesforce1 platform on which it is built on, FinancialForce HCM aligns employee performance with business performance. 

It works seamlessly with every app within FinancialForce ERP and is connected to all critical employee touch points. With this system, traditional HR-related tasks become second nature as these actions are built into an employee’s day-to-day workflow. In turn, businesses can analyze and monitor the impact of the whole spectrum of the employee experience.

Our CEO Jeremy Roche puts it best:

“Your employee’s experience is the precursor to your customer’s experience. To help employees succeed, HCM cannot remain a once a month, or once a year action.  It needs to be proactive and fully aligned with the rest of the business,” said Jeremy Roche, president and CEO at “With ‘Everyday HCM’, we are making HR simple, collaborative, contextual and unified—helping employees feel connected to the company goals, and as a result, positively impacting their customers’ experiences.”

When we say HCM at every touch point, everywhere - we mean it. With 'Everyday HCM,' employees will be able to access FinancialForce HCM everywhere, from any device, even their watch! Using Salesforce1 and Android Wear APIs, we have developed a pilot application that enables ERP notifications to be displayed on watches, together with the ability to take action based on intelligent system generated recommendations. This truly is ERP at customer speed. Watch a demonstration of our wearable ERP.

Make sure you come by's booth, number N181, at Dreamforce 2014 to learn more about 'Everyday HCM.' Not at Dreamforce this year? Feel free to stop by our headquarters for the week, ERPcentral at SPUR Urban Center, located at 654 Mission street.

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