Don’t make the 3 mistakes that can hurt your customer relationships

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Don’t make the 3 mistakes that can hurt your customer relationships

We hear it all the time from sales teams. “How can I get rid of those annoying roadblocks that get in my way of closing deals or even just collecting on the ones I’ve already closed?!” Shockingly enough, all too often it’s your own company that creates the issues that slow those deals down, by not providing sales teams with insight into the financial dealings your company has with your customer. That insight is critical for managing the account, keeping your customer happy and getting you paid. It really doesn’t have to be that way.  To help you sell more, close bigger deals and get paid faster, it’s seriously time to break down the wall between sales and finance, and avoid these 3 big mistakes. Here’s an infographic for you to get started.
Infographic Customer Relationships
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