Stop leaving money on the table: align finance and services to solve these 5 challenges

Stop leaving money on the table: align finance and services to solve these 5 challenges

Polina Polishchuk
Tags: Accounting, Financial Management, PSA
To run a profitable services practice, you need to accurately track the financials of all your projects. With manual processes and poor visibility, reporting on budgets, estimates, bookings and billing is not an easy task – and without automating these and getting accurate data you may be leaving money on the table.

Streamline information and automate processes

Aligning services and finance not only helps you streamline information and automate processes, but also gives you accurate forecasts, allows you to monitor budgets in real-time and gives you the visibility to make adjustments on the fly. Find out how you can run a leaner, cleaner org—and learn the tricks to get that cash off the table and onto your bottom line. Download the eBook and dive deeper into these 5 challenges you’ll be solving by aligning finance and services:
  1. Black hole of information
  2. Revenue leakage
  3. Inaccurate data
  4. Manual processes for revenue recognition
  5. Poor business efficiency
Stay ahead of the curve. Your customers, partners and CFO will thank you for it. Read on to learn 5 everyday challenges you can solve simply by integrating Services with Finance.

Download the informational eBook here.


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