The Ultimate Guide to
FinancialForce PSA

The #1 professional services automation
solution for the enterprise

The services world is at a turning point.

With services broadening and diversifying—from strictly professional services to managed services, technology services, subscriptions, and beyond— the ability to manage multiple projects and business models has become as complex as it is critical. Services organizations must evolve their business practices and technology to keep customers happy and revenue strong.

FinancialForce offers the leading professional services automation (PSA) solution, helping enterprise organizations like yours deliver the highest valued services possible as efficiently as possible, with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Our solution brings predictability and efficiency to every stage of service delivery, from opportunity and staffing to project delivery and revenue recognition. As the leading PSA solution on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce empowers services organizations to manage people, project, financials, and customers in a single application, speeding up billing cycles and automating revenue recognition. Services professionals and finance leaders alike gain unparalleled visibility and unified datasets to better manage resources and financials while tapping into powerful services forecasting.

Solution Overview

Flexible to support ever-changing business models and scalable to drive and sustain rapid growth, FinancialForce PSA helps the world’s largest enterprise organizations grow their services business more rapidly.

  • Services Automation
  • Services Billing
  • Revenue Recognition Management
  • Services Analytics=
  • Services Community

Go with the #1 solution

Validated by the industry

Independent analyst firms all recognize FinancialForce as the leading PSA application for the enterprise market. IDC classifies FinancialForce as a leader in its report IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud-Enabled PSA Applications 2017 Vendor Assessment. Ventana Research recommends FinancialForce PSA for enterprise services companies and those with a subscription or recurring revenue services business model. And in its report Now Tech: Professional Services Automation Tools, Q2 2018, Forrester recognizes FinancialForce as an enterprise-class PSA system.

Loved by customers

G2 Crowd, a platform for business software reviews from real customers, rates FinancialForce as the “Leader” in its PSA grid for the Enterprise, with user satisfaction scores by far the highest in the market. Trusted by more than a thousand global companies, from midsize enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, FinancialForce helps organizations around the world optimize service delivery.

Focus on the enterprise

FinancialForce invests heavily in accelerating the growth of complex midsize and enterprise services organizations. Forecasting, analytics, resource planning, billing, and other practices get smarter and faster every day. Natively built on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce PSA also gives you the scalability, security, and flexibility of the world’s #1 cloud platform. So instead of maintaining your IT stack, you can focus on serving customers and growing the business.

Leverage enterprise-class capabilities

Predictable services business

Companies that improve predictability and visibility also achieve higher win rates, utilization, and services margins. FinancialForce PSA is built to do just that. Whether you leverage the delivered services forecast feature or allocate resources on a project-by-project or company-wide basis, FinancialForce empowers services professionals to plan smarter, make data-driven decisions, and quickly course correct as needed.

Support for diverse billing models

With FinancialForce optimized to manage multiple services-based billing models, you’re free to develop pricing and billing processes tailored to your customers’ needs. Whether you deal in time and materials (T&M), subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, or a blend of models, all sources of revenue and billing can be accommodated.

Automation from opportunity to revenue recognition

Automate and streamline processes across service-related billing and revenue recognition, speed up billing cycles, and eliminate revenue leakage. FinancialForce reduces the risk associated with managing opportunities, engagements, billing, and revenue recognition in disparate systems by covering everything on one platform. Instead of having to manually send information from one team to the next, everyone—sales, professional services, and the back office—has everything they need in real-time.

Built-in customer and partner communities

Services companies that can best collaborate, share, and communicate with partners and customers always have the advantage. Optimize your partner and customer interactions with FinancialForce PSA Communities, providing internal and external stakeholders with secure, central access to the most relevant information, reports, and project plans.


Average year-over-year
professional services revenue


Average discount on contracts


Average win ratio

“FinancialForce solves one of our most painful issues—keeping up with customers and the constant state of change.”


Deliver best practices your way

Configurable and extensible

Informed by our experience working with global services leaders, FinancialForce PSA comes with comprehensive best practices built-in. Additionally, the system can be configured and extended to the processes unique to your organization, and continuously honed as your business evolves.

Seamless connection to other apps

FinancialForce PSA removes the headaches associated with disconnected data sources, simplifying and accelerating integration with your most essential business applications on and off the Salesforce platform.

Strongest partner ecosystem

Get to business value even faster by tapping into the Salesforce ecosystem and our strong strategic partnerships. FinancialForce partners and integrates with a wide variety of companies—including Conga, Gainsight, Concur, and ADP—and seamlessly connects to Salesforce solutions, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Lightning (FSL), and Einstein.

Accelerated ROI

When it’s time to implement, a team of product experts at FinancialForce will deliver packaged best practices and processes based on a roster of successful enterprise customer implementations to accelerate time to value and reduce operational and investment risks.