Managing policy and project definition right through to effective implementation and delivery.

New Ministerial priorities, shifting portfolios, evolving policies, machinery of government change, world events and Brexit, your organisation needs to be able to respond quickly to its operating environment – to adapt its business model or develop new ones, to maximise the use of staff time and skill sets. You need accurate and up to date information at your fingertips and the tools to generate predictive insights so that your organisation can adapt, be responsive to policy requirements and continue to deliver effective services as circumstances change.

Our clients who use Integrated Work Management include:

National Audit Office

Financial Conduct Authority

Integrated Work Management is a Cloud solution from FinancialForce that will help you to:

  • Deliver services within ever tightening financial constraints
  • Manage programmes and projects
  • Optimise use of limited resources
  • Track the progress & costs of programmes and projects
  • Re-plan and reallocate resources as priorities change



FinancialForce provides a suite of "best-in-class" applications that are implemented on the Salesforce cloud platform. It supports the effective planning and execution of all your programmes. We call it "Integrated Work Management" and it will allow you to make best use of:


People – talented and scarce professional resources, often pulled between different activities competing for priority. In order to fully understand the pressures upon them and to be able to prioritise and schedule staff time effectively you need to be able to manage "total workload".


Money – budgetary constraint, "doing more with less" is a persistent theme of the decade for UK public sector.


Time – the need to deliver on promises made despite new/changing priorities and at the same time continuing to deliver the day to day activities/services of the organisation.


Accountability – make costs and progress transparent so that Ministers and officials can be held accountable and citizens know where tax receipts are being spent.

Aligning to the Government Transformation
Strategy 2017 - 2020

Last year UK government published its transformation strategy, containing many of the principles by which digital services will underpin this transformation.

  • "Cloud First"
  • "Digital by Default"
  • Better use of data
  • Shared platforms
  • Digital skills
  • GDPR / ISO / Data in Europe


The National Audit Office previously relied on partially integrated systems, reducing efficient delivery of public audit and its ability to improve public services.
Inconsistent processes made it more difficult to assign employees to projects or to move them between parts of the organisation as efficiently.
Introducing FinancialForce helped integrate NAO’s systems, creating a more modern organisation that aims to empower greater employee self service and reduce the cost of central administration.

David Wadell

“Integrated tools like FinancialForce allowed us to develop corporate dashboards to aid running the organisation.”

—David Waddell, Programme Manager, National Audit Office


Integrated Work Management from FinancialForce is a "cloud first" modular solution based on proven Salesforce technologies used in large enterprises worldwide, designed for UK Government departments and agencies so that they can:

  • Deliver on policy promises
  • Reduce time to delivery
  • Optimise resources
  • Improve accountability
  • Enable transparency
  • Meet statutory requirements
  • Reduce red tape
  • Focus on priorities
  • Avoid nugatory effort

HM Government G-Cloud Supplier

Subscribe to FinancialForce Cloud solutions and implementation services from the G Cloud catalogue. FinancialForce solutions, that include Financial Management applications, have been available through the G Cloud catalogue since 2014. FinancialForce is an approved G Cloud 9 supplier.

FinancialForce started in the UK and is now headquartered in San Francisco with worldwide sales in excess of $100 million. Much of the ongoing product development is still done in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where we also service and support hundreds of clients in the UK and Europe. Today we have over 700 employees across 7 offices around the world and more than a 1,200 customers across the globe. Growth has been tremendous: 40% YoY plus solid financial backing from Salesforce and other investors.

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