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Create a unified HR system on the platform everybody uses.


Don’t let disjointed HR applications and manual processes stall productivity. Everyday HCM supports the entire HR spectrum in one unified application. And it’s native to the Salesforce platform so you instantly get collaboration, social, mobile and reporting capabilities.

Partnering with ADP for best-in-class HCM

No more integration nightmares

Put an end to integrating HR systems that don’t connect. And stop upgrading antiquated systems that burden IT support.

  • Manage all HR components in one app — Core HR, benefits, talent, performance, time and attendance management, onboarding and recruiting
  • Empower HR with one login, one UI, one workforce data set
  • Get a single point of administration for browser, mobile and tablet devices

Mobile and social for everybody

Provide instant access to information that users can see, act on, and share with coworkers and clients. Maximize productivity and promote employee engagement.

  • ‘Clicks not code’ configuration for mobile enablement
  • Mobilize application without compromising on functionality
  • Leverage Chatter, where the company shares information in real-time
  • Get secure mobility of your key data, analytics and reports

Workforce reporting that makes an impact

Any object or field maintained in your HCM system can be turned into a report field, dashboard or element for Wave analytics. Deliver reports that everybody loves.

  • Simplified report creation and editing
  • Data visibility controlled by security profiles
  • Full mobility of reports and dashboards

One toolset to master

With multiple IT platforms come different sets of tools sets for development, integration, workflow, social media, reporting, etc. Leverage one platform across your entire business and quickly gain IT economy of scale and synergy.

  • Get one set of customization and integration tools
  • Get one set of workflow, reporting and dashboard tools
  • Master one set of technologies versus many

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