What is Workforce Management?

Workforce management is an umbrella term that includes all the activities involved in maintaining a productive workforce. This includes core HR functions, benefits, time and attendance, reporting, onboarding, salary planning and more. HR professionals that deal with workforce management must anticipate work volumes, add or remove resources to avoid understaffing or overstaffing, and prepare objectives to keep projects, and even organizations in general, moving smoothly. Attendance tracking and scheduling are prime examples of workforce management.

How does workforce management software improve the efficiency of an organization?

Without some form of software, companies must resort to tracking project and employee hours via spreadsheets or even on paper. Performing workforce management tasks in this way increases human error and makes it very difficult to optimize business processes.

Workforce management software automates a great majority of human resource tasks (i.e. scheduling, tracking attendance, managing timesheets, etc.) And since workforce management software is meant to be a company-wide solution that spans multiple departments, it allows companies to better identify problem areas that may not have been caught otherwise.

What’s the best kind of workforce management software for my organization?

An organization’s choice in workforce management software will be dependent upon the size, scope and needs of that organization. For businesses that are looking to consolidate their HR processes across their entire company, an integrated suite solution that covers the entire Human Capital Management spectrum may be the most optimal choice. It is also important to go with a system that is flexible and customizable – one that can easily grow with your business.

What are the benefits of operating my workforce management software in the cloud?

A cloud-based workflow management solution that operates as a SaaS has immediate benefits for both small and big businesses. Because the software is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with an Internet connection. Cloud workforce management software consolidates company data onto a single platform and allows employees to easily handle self-service processes, helping bridge the gap between departments and allowing your company’s HR staff stay focused on analytics rather than manual tasks.

Why does FinancialForce.com operate their Workforce Management software on the same platform as Salesforce.com?

FinancialForce.com is a SaaS provider of back office business applications that is trusted by hundreds of businesses around the globe. These businesses require a robust online platform that’s trustworthy, established and easy to understand. No other cloud platform is as capable at achieving these goals as the Salesforce1 Platform.  And since so many of these companies already use Salesforce CRM, it makes it even easier for them to transition their back office processes to the same platform with a single login.

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