What is Professional Services Automation?

Professional Services Automation (PSA) software relies on a set of organizational tools to help service-oriented companies optimize and streamline their business focused on people, project, task and client management. This is often done through data gathering, data sharing, metric-generation and analytics.

What kinds of businesses benefit most from Professional Services Automation?

Professional Services Automation solutions mainly benefit service-oriented and project-based businesses and organizations such as computer software service companies, consultancy groups, accounting firms, advertising agencies and law firms.

Which business functions are streamlined with the help of Professional Services Automation software?

Professional Services Automation software is geared to help service organizations or project based businesses streamline projects and portfolios of projects; billing and invoicing; time and expense management; sales collaboration; services handoff; and resource management.

How does PSA software help service companies manage and execute their projects?

PSA software increases a company’s ability to streamline and visualize service-oriented business functions. Business concepts that were difficult to organize and optimize before, such as customer satisfaction, resource utilization, project financials, and profit margins, can now be charted and analyzed easily.

PSA gives management more control over a project, allowing them to track its status and add or remove resources based on real-time information. Business social networks such as Chatter offer even greater visibility across departments, allowing teams to collaborate and update each other in real-time as well as pool information together in a central spot.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based PSA solution?

A cloud-based PSA allows companies greater flexibility to get work done on the fly. Because the PSA software is located in the cloud, it isn’t necessary to work on a device that has that software installed. Employees can send and receive data on any device with an Internet connection.

At the same time, IT maintenance costs are drastically reduced, as it’s no longer necessary for a company to purchase its own server network or go through expensive time consuming software implementations. And because the cloud PSA software is automatically upgraded by the software provider, companies are spared these additional costs later on.

What are the benefits of FinancialForce PSA being on the Salesforce.com platform?

FinancialForce PSA uses the industry’s #1 cloud platform provided by Salesforce.com because it gives companies the ability to manage their business’ back end and front end on one integrated application. And since thousands of companies already use Salesforce for their CRM, it makes for an exceptionally easy transition into FinancialForce PSA. Users can maintain a single view of customers across the entire organization and use social tools like Chatter to tap into the knowledge of the entire workforce. You can also administer, customize and tailor the application yourself or with a partner.

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