Tying Your Talent to Business Success: How “Peoplecasting™” can get you there

In today’s service-led economy, your people are your product. They are the “face” of your organization. To successfully build your team, you need to hire the right people and develop the right skills while considering your short and long-term business needs. Achieving the right balance is not easy, but having your sales, employee, financial and project data in one place is essential to making better workforce and business decisions. Not only is this information valuable for your hiring needs, it also provides your people with timely access to holistic and accurate data which enables your employees to better serve your customers - setting everyone up for success. We call this “Peoplecasting™.”

Join FinancialForce product experts for our Peoplecasting™ webinar to learn more about how you can centralize your data and leverage it’s power to make better workforce and business decisions.

Total duration: 33:55

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on Rev Rec ASC 606/IFRS 15

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