SAVO is the founder and pioneer of sales enablement, powering more leading brands and industries to better connect directly to their buyers. The core of SAVO is the belief that something important happens at the point of human connection. The moment of truth is the center of the sales cycle. While other technologies reduce or eliminate human connection for the sake of efficiency, SAVO Sales Enablement technology focuses on bringing the seller and the buyer together, enhancing their connection.

The SAVO sales enablement platform enables prescriptive content, guided selling and custom engagement tools, which drive more predictable sales results in an agile selling world. As selling has become more agile the SAVO consulting team needed to adopt a more agile methodology to keep pace with the market.

The previous system could not deliver the relevant information needed to meet SAVO’s international expansion and keep pace with the new market reality. SAVO needed to make a change to drive the consulting business forward.

That change was FinancialForce PSA.

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