Salesforce Inventory Management Apps

Salesforce inventory management apps for IT Services companies are exploding in popularity – and for good reason.

In the world of IT Services, inventory management solutions demand an unparalleled level of visibility, customization and integration.

IT service companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to identifying a capable inventory management solution.  For many such companies, it isn’t enough that their current solution tracks inventory in real time, is cloud based (and thus mobile), and has strong rule-based item control.  For these companies, tracking both tangible and intangible products can be a nightmare. And even if the software is SaaS-based, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will be a fully-integrated solution that connects the company’s front and back ends.

What do you think is the single most important consideration when an IT services company looks into an inventory management solution?  If you’re like many of our current customers, that answer is visibility.  Without total visibility into your inventory and supply chain, you’ll lose track of customer orders, customer payments, hardware shipments, and software downloads—essentially everything that your business relies on to survive.  Tracking all of this information on downloaded company software is a nightmare in today’s efficiency-driven world.  But with SaaS, suddenly you have real time visibility from anywhere, at any time, even from your mobile device. 

Customizable inventory management solutions for IT services

Of course, what good is a streamlined inventory management solution without the versatility and customization necessary to handle IT service company requirements?  So many SaaS services fail to provide inventory management for both tangible and intangible inventory requirements. Without the ability to track hours worked, software downloaded, subscriptions billed required parts and pieces, and even massive infrastructure installations, that inventory management solution becomes more of a liability than an asset.

This is why it’s imperative to identify an inventory management solution that is completely customizable while also providing effective rule-based item control, where everything from serial and lot numbers to condition-based inventory, downloads, and appointments can be tracked, measured, and delivered to the right people in your company. 

It’s fitting we should mention people, since without them, you’re a ship captain with no means of setting sail.  Any robust inventory management app will allow complete integration across all of your company’s separate departments, from the management level to the technician level and yes, even to your customer support.  In fact, FinancialForce believes so strongly in integration that we joined forces with the leader in front end CRM, Salesforce, to provide a single, straightforward way for ou r customers to interact with every aspect of their business from a single platform. 

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What inventory management solutions provide

It’s critical from an IT services standpoint that an inventory management solution provides exceptional visibility especially in cases where both tangible and intangible inventory must be accounted for and tracked from customer order to fulfillment. At the same time, a fully integrated solution, one that connects a company’s entire workforce onto a single platform, means fewer disasters, faster communication, and at the end of the day, a more efficiently run company.  

Salesforce inventory management apps for eCommerce companies are on the cutting edge for successful online retailers

A SaaS-based inventory management system leads to faster order placement and fulfillment, from website to warehouse to doorstep

From time to time eCommerce companies are guilty of working harder to solve their inventory management problems, when in reality they need to be working smarter. Small and even medium-sized businesses may be under the impression that only enterprise companies benefit from automated inventory management.  This, of course, is not at all the case, and today even the smallest of companies can benefit from cloud inventory management software, providing a high degree of automation, accuracy, and above all, speed.  

When to look into inventory management apps for eCommerce

Companies don’t seek out inventory management apps because they’ve grown to a certain size.  They seek out inventory management apps so they can achieve that growth—faster than they ever could by manually processing each and every order.  Traditionally, eCommerce companies plug in inventory orders on spreadsheets or in company software. Over months and years, this method costs these companies hundreds of billable hours in work, not to mention the cost of human error and failed order shipments. 

Cloud-based inventory management is changing all of this, and eCommerce companies reap the greatest rewards.  Today, inventory management apps are automated from the moment an order is placed to the time it arrives at the customer’s doorstep, dramatically cutting back on the time it takes to make a sale.  On top of that, automation cuts back on human error, meaning fewer returns and greater revenue.

Cloud inventory management solutions are more agile and flexible

That sounds wonderful in theory, but how customizable are these inventory management solutions really? And will they scale to the size of my business? Or will I feel like I’m swimming in tools that I have no use for?

These are essential questions that every eCommerce business asks itself before pursuing an inventory management solution.  Thankfully, cloud-based apps provide the versatility that these companies are looking for—and then some.  Companies can customize and tailor every aspect of their eCommerce process, from how it’s processed to how it’s tracked, using powerful rule-based item control. And because this kind of inventory management solution is a SaaS, it has fewer barriers to entry than by traditional means, and follows a“pay-as-you-grow” type business model.

Even better, if you elect to add your inventory management solution to a platform like Salesforce1, you can effectively integrate both your front end CRM with your most mission-critical backend processes, to create a fully integrated and efficient inventory management solution. 

eCommerce today is expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive.  Traditional means of inventory management have proven too slow and too inefficient to successfully make inroads in this sector. It’s for this reason that we recommend looking at cloud-based SaaS solutions, such as’s inventory management app on platform, to provide the speed, optimization, and automation necessary to succeed in thrive in this growing industry.   

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