Salesforce Human Resource Management Apps

Salesforce Accounting and Human Resource Management apps for education are succeeding where traditional software failed

The degree of visibility, automation and speed are unprecedented in standard accounting and HR software

Education has a degree of demand and difficulty that few other industries are subject to, not just with regards to handling the various service needs of parents, students and teachers, but also in regards to the back end processes that keep schools and universities running efficiently.  As anyone who has worked in this industry can attest, accurate bookkeeping and efficient human resource management is critical to ensuring the continued success of educational institutions.

Take accounting for example. Schools and universities are in a constant struggle over managing accounts payable and receivable.  The unique variables, from loan payouts and sporting events to the managing of bookstore purchases and handling donations and government funds, can overwhelm even the most prepared institutions.

Complete, real-time visibility into institutional finances is how the modern educational facility survives and even thrives in today’s fast-paced world.  That means looking outside the normal fare of installable accounting software, and into the realm of efficient cloud accounting, where all payments and expenditures are sourced, tracked and calculated into your bottom line automatically.

“Automatically” is a key word here. When it comes to accounting, the goal of every educational program and school should also be simplicity, and nothing is simpler than accounting software that automates budgets and financial statements.  It’s double helpful to have this automated system integrated into your current CRM, like Salesforce, for example. Combining these two systems into a single integrated solution is becoming immensely popular, not just for the improved financial visibility, but the speed at which companies can take on new opportunities at a moment’s notice.

Human Capital Management on Salesforce for educational institutions

Of course, if the financial environment is haphazard, the human resource challenges can be downright chaotic.Educational facilities may have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of employees, and these employees will fall sick, request time off, and ask for help when confronted with troubles at work. HR departments are easily overburdened by these any many other tasks, allowing them almost no time to handle recruitment, on boarding, and other critical company directives.

These issues will never disappear, but the time it takes to handle them properly can be cut down immensely with the help of cloud-based human resource management tools on Salesforce. An HCM solution in the cloud, for instance, could dramatically reduce paperwork, facilitate problem solving between the school and its employees, and even automate talent searches and time-off requests.

Today, more educational institutions than ever are moving their accounting, human resource management, and other backend processes onto reliable, cloud-based apps found on the Salesforce1 platform.  These apps continue to provide a level of accuracy, automation and visibility that no other traditional software solution can deliver, all on a CRM platform that millions of businesses are already familiar with and do business on every day.

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