Closing month-end, performing ad-hoc analysis, reconciling, budgeting and other reporting and analysis tasks are critical, but completing them is often a combination of inefficient, time-destructive processes that are manual, frustrating and error prone. Finance professionals love Excel and that’s why Excel4apps has created add-ins that enable business users to easily manage these key financial processes in Excel. Our self-service solutions install quickly and integrate seamlessly with FinancialForce reducing user reliance on IT/Sysadmin resources. By expediting these processes in their tool of choice, Finance teams now have more time for data analysis to fuel better decisions.

GL Wand is a quick win for Finance that streamlines reporting and the automated distribution of financial information to those that need it. GL Wand has been designed to leverage the existing FinancialForce setup including Companies, Dimensions, Periods, Currencies, Budgets and TB Values and offers Wizards and cell based Lists of Values to make reporting and ad-hoc enquiries that much easier. All balances can be double clicked to drill to the underlying balances and transaction details, fully customizable and complete with a link to the source document.

Budget Wand provides an Excel front end to the budgeting / forecasting process, making the planning process that much easier. Upload budget revisions or forecasts to FinancialForce at the click of a button and easily compare these values to prior year actuals or budgets.

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