Get complete visibility of your professional services business.

How’s your bench? Will you hit your revenue and margin targets? Get the tools and visibility you need to understand capacity, optimize your team, and work smarter with sales, finance and customers — all with FinancialForce Professional Services Automation.

Invest in your most important assets

Focusing on and investing in your resources is key to your success. A satisfied employee creates a satisfied customer. Get the information you need to optimize your resources without burning people out.

  • Minimize bench time & maximize utilization with a single view into your resources — skill set, availability, current work and future potential
  • Drive your key measures of health from management right down to the individual utilization, realization and revenue/ margin targets

Master service delivery

Your methodology, people and experience is what got you the sale, now your team must deliver. Focus on a consistent experience and a successful result, and the ongoing business will follow.

  • Leverage project templates to enforce your proven methodology
  • Create the project right from the opportunity
  • Enforce project management best practices to drive results
  • Manage project profitability and other key metrics in real time
  • Get visibility into the health of the entire project portfolio

Partner with sales and win the right business

When services and sales teams are disconnected — the result is usually a deal closed with unrealistic expectations, low margins, and missed opportunity. Couple FinancialForce PSA with Salesforce Sales Cloud and get the tools you need so sales and services can build the right deals together… and win.

  • Empower services to collaborate with sales to focus on the right deals
  • See into the sales pipeline for greater visibility into future demand
  • Proactively align your team and increase utilization, revenue, and margin
  • Know when to recruit, hire, train the right people for future jobs based on supply and demand

Hit your KPIs with force

If you want to meet and exceed revenue and margin targets it’s not good enough to just do the work. FinancialForce PSA helps harness your operational data to deliver powerful reporting, allowing you to stay on target with your key metrics.

  • Understand revenue, billing and margin health
  • Streamline billing and revenue recognition
  • Project profitability

2019 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

Key performance metrics for leading professional services teams