Services and Sales Engagement

Services and Sales Engagement

Successful engagements start before the contract is signed.

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Your services expertise and methodology is a key part of your firm’s value. Incorporating them into the selling process sets your firm apart and increases win rates.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud PSA Software

Partner with sales

Sales collaboration: Be proactive and participate early in the sales cycle to create accurate quotes and manage customer expectations.

  • Influence project definition and price to set realistic expectations
  • Improve margins and customer satisfaction by getting visibility in early stages
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Sales collaboration: Resource Requests on Opportunities

Know what’s coming and plan

Capacity planning: Give services teams forward-looking visibility into the sales pipeline for better planning.

  • Identify gaps between supply and demand before they occur
  • Anticipate resource requirements before the deal is closed
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Capacity planning: via Chatter

Handoff? What handoff?

Services handoff: Create projects directly from won opportunity data. And leverage all relevant information on one platform in one place visible to all teams involved.

  • Sales and Services work as one team not two departments
  • Share critical customer and opportunity details without duplication or integration
  • Define project success metrics directly from Closed Opportunities for continuity and traceability
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Services Handoff: PSA Cost and Revenue Summary

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