PSA Project Management Software

When projects get social, project management gets easy.


Constant communication is critical to the success of every project. Social collaboration puts the customer at the center of the action and fosters co-operation among team members and partners — increasing efficiency and bringing tangible value to your clients.

Beginner's Guide to Evaluating PSA Software

Project Template

Click the opportunity. Create the project.

Success starts with the handoff from sales. Kick off the project smart, fast, and with a seamless transition.

  • One click to create the project from the opportunity — with all relevant information included
  • Leverage sophisticated project templates to save time, ensure a consistent delivery methodology and set the project up for success
  • Get traceability from the customer to the opportunity to the project all in one place

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Keep projects close and customers closer

PSA CUSTOMER COMMUNITIES: Your customer must take an active role in the project. Customer communities let you build that personalized relationship and collaborate effectively.

  • Manage customer expectations easily and keep tabs on critical tasks
  • Leverage PSA Customer communities to share key documents and project performance
  • Use Chatter to keep team engaged, drive change management and meet project goals
  • Build strong bonds with collaborators through PSA partner community
Project Rev

From the simple to most complex

SERVICE DELIVERY: One size does not fit all. But one platform does — one that supports simple projects through to comprehensive work breakdown structures.

  • Give managers personalized views of their projects
  • Automate robust workflows to match complex projects
  • Leverage project templates to ensure a repeatable experience for customers
  • Assign resources to a project, or at task level, with detailed WBS support

Let’s get visual

GANTT: Project planner and Gantt solutions provide the deep visibility necessary to determine where to change or concentrate resources on any given project.

  • Interactive Gantt for project lets you visualize the plan, dependencies and timelines
  • Search and filter to avoid information overload
  • Drill down to individual resource schedules and drag and drop assignments
  • Respond to change in a drag and drop visual view
  • View resource requests on ongoing projects and optimize resource allocation

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Project Task

2018 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report

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