Project Financial Software

Project Financial Software

Project accounting that maximizes profits and minimizes pain.

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Budgets, estimates, WIP, pre-bills, bookings, invoices, milestones, percentage complete and basic costs — they are all vital factors to the success of every project. And ultimately, of your company. Every detail is critical to knowing exactly where you stand at any given time.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud PSA Software

Full view of a project’s financial health

Project finance: Access a comprehensive financial view related to all your projects at any time and make swift adjustments as they’re needed.

  • Get anytime access to project-related financial data — revenue, bookings, backlog, billing, budgets and rate realization
  • Filter data easily by region, practice and/or group breakdowns
  • Track project profitability with revenue cost and margin views at the project or portfolio level
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Project Finance: Project Expenses by Resource

Billing and invoicing the way you want

Billing and invoicing: Develop and configure pricing and billing processes that satisfy customer demand and maximize your revenue — without driving up administrative costs.

  • Automate bid to bill process and share with sales, services and finance
  • Combine different billing types on the same project
  • Bill by time and expense, flat fee, retainer
  • Eliminate errors with flexible configuration, workflow and controls
  • Generate invoices or integrate billing events to your financial backend of choice
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Billing and invoicing: Automated billing run on Salesforce

Grow project margins

Project margin: Track planned revenue, cost and profit margin to evaluate if the project meets profit targets before it even kicks off.

  • Track planned revenue and profit margin as projects progress
  • View detail on expenses, hours submitted, bills submitted, processed and paid
  • Analyze profit margin, expenses, and related financial detail by region, practice, and groups
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Project margin: Average percentage margins per sales region by quarter

Manage rev rec as projects progress

Revenue recognition: Connect directly to milestones or project completion percentages. Calculate and record revenue as projects complete.

  • Set up revenue recognition rules to match your business need or processes
  • Import revenue transactions into your financial system
  • Get visibility into what is ready to bill, has been billed and what has been invoiced
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Revenue recognition: Revenue recognized per project

Create and track project budgets

Project budgeting: Create one or more budgets for each project. Track actual time & expenses.

  • Auto-create budgets from opportunity detail or use our flexible budget calculator
  • Monitor actuals in real-time against the budget as it happens
  • Use access and workflow rules to control budget approval and requested changes
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Project budgeting: Project funds remaining

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