PSA Communities

Collaborate, share, communicate

Services companies that can most effectively collaborate, share, and communicate with partners and customers will have the advantage. Optimize your partner and customer interactions with FinancialForce Professional Services Communities.

Professional Services Automation: Communities
Professional Services Automation: Communities

COMMUNITIES: Provide all stakeholders - in or outside your firm - with access to the most real-time, most relevant information, reports, and project plans with FinancialForce Communities.

  • Create a branded community for external stakeholders
  • Share project related documents
  • Prompt discussions
  • Share only what you want with confidence
Professional Services Automation: Communities
PSA Partner Communities

Bring partner data out
of the dark

PARTNER COMMUNITIES: Keep critical partner or subcontractor stakeholders in the loop with visibility into related costs, availability and project impacts.

  • See partner/subcontractor costs as they happen
  • Submit time and expense directly
  • Track and manage invoices and vendor cost budgets

Keep customers close

CUSTOMER COMMUNITIES: Collaborate, communicate, engage and provide a superior customer experience with FinancialForce Communities.

  • Share project status and information
  • Upload and share project related documents
  • Ensure project discussions and documents are secure
Professional Services Automation: Communities

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