Access. Any time. Anywhere.
On any device.

No matter where your work takes you, instantly access project or customer data as well as collaborate with your team via mobile PSA. Handle timecards, expenses, approvals. Extend your collaboration power — and engage with clients or partners. Get the big picture on your little screen.

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Run your business on the run

MOBILE DASHBOARDS: View PSA project data, account information, analysis, cost estimates, as well any other data located on your Salesforce org.

  • Collaborate with your team via Chatter
  • Access key services information
  • Keep current on alerts and notifications

Access fuels efficiency

TIMECARDS AND EXPENSES: Enter timecards on the run. Log an expense as soon as a receipt is signed. Capture key information before it’s forgotten. Avoid costly delays in billing.

  • Minimize late timecard or expense entry
  • Keep your road warriors happy and motivated

Keep everyone in one loop

MOBILE COLLABORATION: Enable project teams to share, update, schedule, broadcast, or note anything related to a project across every boundary and time zone.

  • Enable real time sharing in Chatter
  • Dynamically surface relevant information to all team members
  • Deliver alerts and notifications in real time
  • Keep discussions in context

Stay connected in Communities

PSA CUSTOMER AND PARTNER COMMUNITIES: Provide all stakeholders — in or outside your firm — with access to relevant information, reports, and shared project plans.

  • Collaborate with partners or customers securely
  • Upload and share related project files and data
  • Leverage Chatter for easy communication in context of your projects
  • Collect time and expense information from your partners — project visibility and billing completeness

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