Professional Services Billing and Revenue Recognition Software

Professional Services Billing and Revenue Recognition Software

Stop leaking revenue. Start building profit.

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No more wasted admin time, project delays, cash flow problems or lost revenue. One database, automated processes, forecasting tools -- FinancialForce PSA ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

2017 Transition Guide to the New Rev Rec Standard

Forecasts based on facts, not guesswork

Forecasting: Get flexible forecasting to suit your business model — revenue, billings and backlog — with configurable reporting and business rules.

  • Incorporate detailed scheduling info and revenue impact in analysis
  • Get both current and future perspectives through sales pipeline visibility
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Account revenue, billings and backlog forecasts on Salesforce

Billing that’s accurate, fast, and formal

Billing: Scan through all project data in real time and launch billing processes as fast as work is completed — in PSA or your preferred financial system.

  • Workflow and approval functionality enables review with accounting
  • Integrated pass off to financial system of your choice
  • Automatic aggregation of billing data as work is complete/submitted with flexible approval
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Billing: Invoiced Billing Events dashboard on Salesforce

No more revenue recognition headaches

Revenue recognition: Automate the recognition process — from simple time card submissions to the most complex completion milestones and compliance concerns.

  • Recognize revenue using multiple methods
  • Leverage a secure audit trail to insure compliance
  • Easily hand off revenue recognition transactions to your financial system
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Revenue recognition per project on Salesforce

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on Rev Rec ASC 606/IFRS 15

Download your 2017 Transition Guide by Brian Sommer, Diginomica columnist