Dashboards & Reporting

Better data, better decisions

Solid metrics, resource utilization, trends, forecasts and dynamic data are fundamental to good decisions. Dashboard visibility, operational reporting, drill down functionality and the ability to surface the data anywhere, PSA offers all you need — the way you need it.

Financial Management - Procurement
Financial Management - Procurement

Surface the issue. Drill for the answer.

DATA VISIBILITY: Real time dashboards, reports, list views and tools — all easily tailored to provide exactly what you need to know.

  • Robust, versatile, customizable dashboards and reports
  • Relevant information when and how it is needed drives timely management decisions
  • Track performance against key KPIs real time
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A picture tells a thousand words

MANAGEMENT DASHBOARDS: Personalized role based dashboards deliver critical information for every role, from executive to project manager. And proactively improve efficiency.

  • Role based view for executive, Resource Manager, Project Manager, Finance and the consultant
  • Set up data access rights aligned to role
  • Slice and dice metrics for even more accurate, actionable metrics

One lens, multiple views of the business

BUSINESS REPORTING: Get multiple perspectives across your services business — by customer, across region/ practice/ group, from a single project to the entire portfolio or overall financial health.

  • Visibility through dashboards, reports or on the customer/project record
  • Configurable reports that can be emailed with automation options
  • Create a library of status reports for reference
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2019 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

Key performance metrics for leading professional services teams