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Today’s technology social revolution is changing the way managed services companies operate and manage projects and teams. Managed services companies focus on outsourcing everyday management responsibilities and processes in order to improve operations and cut expenses. There are several tools and software solutions aimed at benefitting managed services companies to help teams work more collaboratively and provide more value to their clients.

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With FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA), we give you the social tools to extend teams' reach and increase collaboration within your entire organization. Our leading PSA solution is built on the same platform as the Salesforce CRM, allowing your teams to take the next step. Services delivery or support teams will now be able to see project details with a single, 360° view of the customer. A managed services software like FinancialForce PSA will break down the traditional Sales to Services to Support hand-off and will allow your company to focus on providing business outcomes to support your customers.

We know that teamwork and productivity are critical in the services industry, and a managed services software tool is vital to your business's overall success. Get your whole team on the same page by combining sales, services and finance all in one system. Eliminate artificial departmental barriers and friction between teams by putting them on the same cloud, using the same data and getting the same complete view of customers and projects.

Managed Services Software can:

  • Eliminate integration, data silos and process inefficiencies
  • Remove the interdepartmental barriers that hold your company back
  • Collaborate efficiently with Chatter on accounts, opportunities, projects, and more

Download the FinancialForce PSA datasheet or watch the product video tour to get the full details.

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FinancialForce PSA

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA), ranked #1 on G2, leverages the power of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce platform. Gain unprecedented visibility into your business across sales, services delivery, and finance. Keep projects on time, customers happy and reports up to date–all on one integrated platform.