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The business world is at a critical inflection point.

Major shifts in the market are happening faster than ever before. This relentless pace of change is exposing weaknesses in static business models and driving every organization to continuously blend revenue streams from products, subscriptions, and a wide variety of services. The businesses that thrive today will be those that can swiftly identify new opportunities and preempt changing expectations, and doing so requires a nimble ERP system that empowers your business to be adaptive to customer needs.

FinancialForce offers the leading customer-centric ERP, helping organizations rapidly translate demand into new revenue models, run more predictable business operations, and increase customer lifetime value.

Unlike other ERP applications, FinancialForce extends the value of your Salesforce applications (e.g. CRM, CPQ, and Einstein) by seamlessly unifying sellers, professional services teams, and traditionally back-office professionals. Running your business with customers at the center empowers you with highly actionable and holistic insights at every step of the customer lifecycle, ultimately driving business growth.

Solution Overview

Whether your company offers professional and business services alongside products, delivers products-as-a-service, or leverages a services-only business model, FinancialForce was built for you.

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Revenue Management
  • Subscription & Usage Billing
  • Analytics - Powered by Salesforce Einstein
  • ERP Community
  • Services Community

Make faster, smarter decisions

Out-of-the-box reporting

Going beyond the basic business intelligence (BI) toolset, FinancialForce delivers out-of-the-box datasets, dashboards, and reports powered by the leading BI platform, Salesforce Einstein. Bringing together real-time data across every customer touchpoint and any or all of your revenue streams, our analytics give you meaningful insights into future operational and business performance. And with an eye to the future, we’re continually developing new reports, including role-based analytics, to increase the value of your investments.

Enterprise-grade analytics

Speed to insight is critical in today’s fast-changing business environment, making analytics a key part of any ERP buying decision. But you don’t have to hire an army of data scientists or buy expensive third-party tools and data warehouses to glean meaningful business insights. With revenue and cost data for all your revenue streams in one place, FinancialForce eliminates error-prone, cumbersome spreadsheets and provides powerful, holistic analytics at a fraction of the cost of standalone enterprise BI applications.

Faster insights

With analytics on the same platform as your ERP solution, you don’t have to continuously reconcile disparate databases. Not just accurate, reporting also happens swiftly, even with sophisticated, multidimensional analysis across millions of data points. Managers can personalize global and detailed views into individual transactions and invoices—all within the same FinancialForce experience—and easily identify opportunities in order to effect within-quarter performance.

Connect the front and back office

One customer lifecycle, one system

To build a customer-centric business, you must be able to manage the entire customer lifecycle on one system. FinancialForce makes this possible, capturing critical data at every customer touchpoint, from initial sale to product/service delivery to customer support to accounting and finance. Salespeople, services leaders, and finance teams can access the same set of customer, project, and financial data to better understand revenue and cost-related indicators of important customer accounts, driving better business decisions.

Improved business performance

Having customer orders, project milestones, billing events, and accounting details in one place means your accounts receivable (AR) team has everything it needs to bill faster, collect sooner, and increase collaboration with sellers. By leveraging real-time sales pipeline and opportunity data across revenue streams, forecasting accuracy improves, in turn providing the overall business with insight into which customers are most profitable for different products and services, significantly improving downstream impact on margins and customer profitability.

Back office built for growth

For small and midsize companies, FinancialForce is an enterprise-grade system built to grow with you. For larger enterprises, FinancialForce is perfect when you want to support a specific business unit or new acquisition, or when you need to integrate a modern, agile billing and revenue management solution with your primary financial system of record. In either case, FinancialForce can scale to handle multiple companies, multiple currencies, multiple charts of accounts (COAs), localized taxes, allocations, and more.

With workflow opportunities, and integrated data driving business decisions, FinancialForce does not feel like an additional cost but more like a cost-saving exercise for our organization.”


Tap into best-in-class service automation

Complete view of your business

Consistently ranked the “Leader” on G2 Crowd, FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) gives services leaders and teams unprecedented visibility into sales, services delivery, and finances, reducing time to bill and speeding up revenue recognition. With everything on the Salesforce platform, you can improve customer satisfaction, empower teams with real-time project insights, and tap into powerful business forecasting to grow profits.

Predictable services delivery

FinancialForce brings predictability and efficiency to every stage of the services delivery processes from opportunity to staffing to project delivery, through to revenue recognition. As the leading PSA solution on the Salesforce platform, the application empowers services organizations to manage people, project, financials, and customers in one integrated services application. Services professionals and finance leaders alike, gain unparalleled visibility and unified datasets to manage resources and financials smarter and wiser, while tapping into powerful business forecasting.

Maximum IT value

Point solutions aren’t just inefficient: they’re also expensive. FinancialForce enables you to manage your services business on the same platform as the rest of your business, lowering the total cost of ownership for your IT stack. In addition, having data in the same place allows you to optimize services metrics against other key business KPIs, providing more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling while maximizing IT value.


Average discount on contracts


Average year-over-year
professional services revenue


Average win ratio

The Power of ERP on Salesforce

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Automate any and all revenue streams

Speed to market

Legacy ERP systems—and even many SaaS solutions—are still built solely for physical products and optimized for discrete manufacturing enterprises with linear business processes. But FinancialForce is a different kind of system, giving you the flexibility and agility to deliver new service-based offerings or service-product blends. Whether you deal in complex, subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, or a simple widget, all sources of revenue can be accommodated.

Subscription, recurring, and usage billing

Whether you are a professional services firm, a software or technology company, or even a business offering tangible goods as a service, FinancialForce makes it easy to close the books quickly and accurately. It’s not just about making your finance team happy. It’s also about giving your customers a seamless, personalized billing and invoice experience so they can process billing and payments the way they want—no matter the revenue stream. FinancialForce makes it easy, leading to increased customer satisfaction and renewal rates, reduced DSOs, and more accurate forecasting and reporting.

Compliance made easy

With all revenue sources flowing into the back office AR system, you can improve cash flow while reducing errors and days to close the books. And with financial data automatically mapped to the same customer records in your CRM, pricing and performance obligations are consistently captured upstream, making compliance with new revenue recognition standards like ASC 606, IFRS 15, and AASB 15 even easier.


Productivity increase in accounting and billing


Decrease in days to close


Decrease in DSOs

We've automated 95% of our finance functions—from the moment a timesheet is approved all the way through to recognizing revenue”


Leverage the #1 business cloud

One platform for everything

Natively built on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce gives you even more value when combined with the world’s #1 CRM and cloud platform. Instead of maintaining faulty integrations and middleware, you can focus on serving customers and growing the business. Enjoy a sleek, easy-to-use, and secure user experience, tap into AppExchange, the world’s leading business app marketplace, and leverage the future of reporting and analytics with Salesforce Einstein.

Your single source of truth

With the master customer record as your single source of truth, you get full visibility into the entire customer lifecycle from opportunity to renewal. That means every business process and every report can be a part of the same system. Eliminating integrations and points of potential failure, you’ll have more confidence in the fidelity and accuracy of your data and reports.

Less risk, greater power

Trusted by more than a thousand global companies, from household names in the enterprise to small and medium-sized businesses, FinancialForce is built to deliver enterprise performance. Tap into powerful out-of-the-box features, and then rapidly extend and personalize the solution to your specific needs. With the #1 cloud platform underlying your most critical business processes, you can confidently reduce risk while empowering your teams to be even more successful.

Traditional finance and accounting roles no longer pass muster. Digital transformation requires CFOs who can craft new business models, plan for agility, create outcome-based versus product-based offerings and identify new joint venture opportunities.”