Amplify your professional services team

New technology has given businesses and organizations tools, products and technologies to think differently about how professional service project teams operate.

Put the customer at the center of project management

Today, these tools are built to put the customer at the center of project management to help your teams work more collaboratively and more efficiently to provide more value to your clients. In fact, the selection of a software for professional services is one of the most important decisions your organization might make.

A cloud-based professional services automation software allows companies the flexibility get work done anywhere, anytime.

  • Focus on getting things done over managing tedious project plans
  • Use social tools to extend team capability and increase collaboration
  • Involve clients via Chatter and social media portals

FinancialForce PSA will give you more control over a project, allowing you to track its status and manage resources based on real-time data.

FinancialForce wants to simplify professional services software. We will bring all of the menial business details together, so you can worry about the larger issues, like your business’s growth and success. As a services professional, you have the ability to choose a software that can enable your project managers and members to proactively identify issues, communicate efficiently and collaborate on projects.

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