Consulting firms constantly face the same challenge, how to optimally work with staff and deliver profitable, timely projects to clients. Consulting businesses shouldn’t have to waste time and energy into non-billable tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning. Yes, they’re important, but that’s when professional services automation (PSA) software comes in handy. PSA software for consulting businesses can minimize tedious administrative tasks while gaining valuable insights to improve customer satisfaction, profits, and realization rates.

  • Re-think how your business interacts internally, with vendors, and your customers
  • Track usability and utilization accurately and in real-time by Region, Practice, or Group
  • View financial project data to track financials for related projects
  • Use social tools like Chatter to increase collaboration, especially on dispersed, global teams

You can do all of these things by easily implementing FinancialForce PSA. Our automated, efficient software helps consulting businesses rapidly implement PSA, including making some small customizations to your business as well gathering information on various projects and customers. FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is leading a cloud-based solution that combines its power with the Salesforce CRM platform to better manage your people, customers, projects and financials in one integrated application.

Give the power of FinancialForce to your consulting business, it deserves it. Watch the PSA product video or download the datasheet to learn more.