Finances are an important aspect of running a business, but they shouldn’t monopolize your time. Traditionally, it can suck up far too much of your business’ time and effort. FinancialForce’s easy small business cloud accounting software can save your company time, and money.

FinancialForce’s small business cloud accounting software is a powerful, yet easy to use accounting application that is straightforward to learn, simple to implement, and trouble-free to maintain. Powerful enough to automatically calculate payments, due dates, and year to date budgets, FinancialForce reduces human error with clean, organized records preparation.

The FinancialForce advantage includes:

  • Flexible, efficient General Ledger – Get a flexible, multidimensional chart of accounts, along with the ability for multi-currency, and multi-company transaction handling
  • Streamlined Accounts Payable with controlled invoice-to-pay processing - Automate invoice and expense approvals using authorization workflow, and set credit limits and credit terms by vendor account
  • Streamlined Accounts Receivable with seamless opportunity-to-cash processing - Create invoices using a single click, set credit terms both globally and by customer account, and even automatically calculate due dates, and settlement discounts
  • Optimize cash flow and working capital - Predict cash flows and currency needs, record receipts from your customers, and refunds issued and one-off payments to vendors, and refunds to/from vendors
  • Eliminate manual processes and complex integrations with Ordering and Billing - Create an order, quote or custom object with a single click, or create orders automatically in batch for a “no-touch” order processing
  • Easy Billing - Create a single invoice with multiple installment payment-due dates

Enable your business to work smarter, not just harder – with Download the datasheet to learn more.