Taking project management software
to the cloud

Is your business looking for software that can better organize and keep track of all your projects? Looking to integrate your cloud-based CRM with an innovative Professional Services Automation software? Wanting to optimize your project finances and identify trouble areas that can impact your margins by having a closer look into your day-to-day financials?

FinancialForce, a revolutionary project management software, is powerful because it deals in specifics and will allow you to locate and eliminate workflow issues that consistently occur from project to project.

FinancialForce can eliminate inaccurate revenue reporting by tracking profit margins and utilization. The apps are seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce platform so you get all your data in one place.

 With FinancialForce you can:

  • Give managers personalized views of their projects
  • Automate robust workflows to match complex projects
  • Leverage project templates to ensure a repeatable experience for customers
  • Assign resources to a project, or at task level, with detailed WBS support

View what FinancialForce has to offer now!

Take your project management software
to the cloud