After gobbling up, err, acquiring NetSuite, Oracle's FrankenCloud will grow into an even bigger monster. As it adds more cloud technology stacks, more sets of ERP and CRM apps, the company is adding bolt-on appendages sure to cause disarray not just for employees, but for customers and prospects as well.

As their FrankenCloud becomes more difficult to manage, confusing to navigate and generally more costly, here are some questions to ask about the Oracle/NetSuite acquisition:

  • How will the various clouds and applications integrate and attempt to mix and match?
  • How will Oracle decide to invest in yet another redundant set of applications?
  • What kind of confusion will there be across the different sales teams?
  • Will salespeople compete with each other across product lines?
  • How will customers choose applications?
  • What will happen to acquired applications like OpenAir?
  • If a customer bought into NetSuite, will they buy into Oracle?

NetSuite customers may want to look at Oracle's ERP and CRM acquisition track record and string of casualties including Siebel applications, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.

Time to find an alternative

Built natively on the Salesforce, FinancialForce is a cloud ERP vendor that allows companies to run the front and back offices on a single platform - all truly centered around the customer.

We've been battling FrankenClouds created by mergers and acquisitions like this from day one, and are ready to help concerned NetSuite customers gain the true benefits of cloud computing. Want to learn more? Download the G2 Crowd comparison report, which compares FinancialForce PSA to NetSuite OpenAir - all based on customer satisfaction reviews from G2 Crowd.