NetSuite OpenAir Versus FinancialForce Reviews

Looking for Netsuite OpenAir Vs FinancialForce reviews can help you make a decision on which professional services automation system to use. What types of customers have used each service in the past? What platforms are supported? How is the customer service? These are very important questions you should answer before you decide.

FinancialForce is a cloud based business solution where companies can leverage the Salaesforce platform and the power of Salesforce CRM. Startups to large businesses in the market looking to automate the service delivery process, manage resources and track financials will find that FinancialForce is the best choice.

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Some unbiased Netsuite OpenAir Vs FinancialForce reviews from the G2 Crowd website state:

  • Michael S said, "Our ability to track assignments (including costs and margins) per resource per project has been great (including tracking them to the milestones - how we bill our monthly recurring project charges)"
  • Jason P stated, "Having full visibility of our global organizations active projects, resource availability & utilization & overall financial performance are just some of the key features we use daily to monitor how our business is performing"

FinancialForce PSA vs NetSuite OpenAir Comparison Report

This report compares product reviews G2 has collected from users of FinancialForce PSA and users of Oracle NetSuite OpenAir.

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