Measuring and developing your human capital ensures that your workplace is effective and efficient, and ultimately, improving your company’s overall performance. Human capital is the knowledge, skills and experiences that your employees possess and invest in the organization.

In order to best combine human capital and its processes, FinancialForce Human Capital Management brings everything onto a single cloud software platform to provide a number of benefits for businesses.

  • Enhance collaboration by connecting traditionally separate departments such as Human Resources, Management and Sales, together into one application. Employees can manage their own benefits and request time off
  • Simplify the process to locate information across all departments. You can get access to platforms that are often connected through networks like Chatter within Salesforce1 Platform
  • Manage all of your HCM needs on an enterprise class, secure, certified, scalable platform

Unify a view into your entire workforce and find out why FinancialForce is the #1 cloud platform for HR and measuring your human capital!