Gain Complete Visibility and Recognition

Managing services revenue recognition can be a challenge. Changing regulatory requirements, evolving business models, an over reliance on manual processes, and poor visibility of both recognized and unrecognized revenue, are often to blame. To simplify revenue recognition, you need to get the complete picture of your organization's revenue. For that, you need FinancialForce.

FinancialForce simplifies the revenue recognition process while improving the visibility and auditability of all revenue recognition information by seamlessly managing it on the Salesforce platform. It automates recognition calculations, eliminates all error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets, and adheres to revenue recognition standards.

The FinancialForce advantage includes:

  • Traversing the complete audit trail from journal entries to the source element objects
  • Eliminating manual processes and calculations while saving time and money, and eliminating costly errors
  • Delivering clear visibility into all aspects of the revenue recognition process
  • Removing the dependency on spreadsheets and associated data integrity issues
  • Putting all revenue recognition information in a single, secure, central place online

FinancialForce allows you to trigger event information into spreadsheets and easily link to the source data stored on the Salesforce platform.


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