Are you looking to seemlessly integrate your business financial management into the Salesforce platform in order to help you expand and stop wasting unnecessary time and effort? Would you like to get away from disparate systems and having to keep track of ever-evolving standards and policies? Would you like to put your workforce in the cloud and have access to it anytime and anywhere?

Allow FinancialForce to help you integrate and to manage business finance into Salesforce. You will be able to transform your business and efficiently manage your finance, customers, projects, processes by using one single, unified financial management application built natively on Salesforce. To increase productivity and remove unwanted errors and mistakes that occur with poorly defined processes, you need the right business management system to provide:

  • Visibility – Establish a clear strategy across business and IT, and gain real-time information on the performance of business services, processes, and infrastructure, as well as key performance indicators
  • Automation – Improve workflow integration across silos, tools, technologies, information and departments
  • The ability to control and enforce procedures and policies – Improve compliance reporting and secure vital information and assets

Stop wasting precious time and resources and learn how the integration of FinancialForce Financial Management and Salesforce can work for you.