Improve Invoicing Accuracy

When done manually, managing and tracking your invoices can be a time intensive task. Are you looking to cut down the time spent on invoicing to the absolute minimum? To track payments and link invoices to online payments systems, avoid inefficient approaches that can cause billing mistakes, bottlenecks at month-end, long order to cash cycles and unhappy customers. Get FinancialForce.

FinancialForce Billing provides an efficient way to connect your CRM, billing and ERP systems. It leverages information stored in Salesforce CRM so you can automatically generate invoices and bridge the gap between sales, services and finance.

With FinancialForce, invoices are created directly from Salesforce CRM, thus ensuring there are no CRM/Billing discrepancies. You can create an invoice directly from any opportunity, support case or custom object captured in Salesforce CRM, at the click of a button.

Why choose FinancialForce?

  • Create invoices from opportunities, quotes, or custom objects
  • Customize invoice formats for email or printing
  • Simplify the integration sales and billing

To learn more about our Invoicing Software Online, download our Billing datasheet.