Most of the time, HR teams are drowning in data spread across the organization, while at the same time services teams don't have all the data they need to run their projects. With the right tools, both teams can easily gain insight on the data they need to manage their people and rapidly expands business decisions.

"Peoplecasting" does the work for you. The integration of the Human Capital Management and Professional Service Automation applications, helps you get the right resource on the right project at the right time. You'll know who to hire, when to hire, align the right skillsets with the right projects, plan training, track performance and goals, manage schedules and vacation - all within a single, integrated resource management tool.

When you don’t have the right resources available, your business can suffer both financially and internally. Employees are unhappy with their work, projects are run poorly, and your customers remain dissatisfied. the direct financial impact is revenue getting pushed and/or margin erosion. Allow FinancialForce to give you the right tools and a seamless integrated platform to manage your resource management needs.

  • See which particular skill sets from team members lead to higher performance with different types of customers.
  • Have the data and insight to identify who needs training and when, track performance and goals, and make decisions to re-assign or hire based on the data.
  • Get all the insight you need to see current and future demand and properly align staffing and team schedules.