HRMS, Human Resource Management System software is an HR solution that delivers everything from recruiting and training assistance to salary and benefit planning, payroll, and performance statistics. HRMS software organizes your data by integrating all of your HR tools and information into one place. The single consolidation of your data gives HR managers easy access to large amounts of data when they have to do performance reviews.

FinancialForce’s Human Capital Management application are based in the cloud and made to adapt to your business needs. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Employees get an intuitive interface to enroll or change their benefits using self-service
  • Employees can interact with HR directly from enrollment screens using Salesforce Chatter, with any questions regarding benefits
  • Your organization streamlines and automates processes reducing the time and expenses associated with benefits enrollment
  • Seamlessly send benefits enrollment and administration data to your carrier through an easy to configure interface

An HR manager’s job duties are simplified, especially when employees have access to their own schedules and information. And on top of that, any employee has access to HR in order to request time off, check their schedules and see the results of PTO and benefits. Switch to FinancialForce today to ease your workload and automate your HR processes. Check out the full HCM datasheet for more details.