Every organization must have efficient human capital planning to drive focused actions, ensure goal achievement, and attain business success. Implementing stand-alone, non-integrated solutions across human resources just won’t do. Recruit, hire, track, and manage your entire workforce using a single, unified app from FinancialForce.com.

FinancialForce Human Capital Management is a robust, cloud-based HCM solution that supports the whole HR spectrum, including human resource system of record, benefits & compensation, absence management, performance and talent management, career and succession planning, workforce collaboration, and workforce analytics - all in one unified application.

FinancialForce HCM Solution helps HR focus on strategic initiatives by automating manual tasks.

The benefits of Human Capital Management with FinancialForce

  • Improves employee adoption and interaction, by providing the same user interface for HR, CRM and other back office applications
  • Eliminates manual integrations, toggling between interfaces, and searching for information
  • Empowers users with self-service capabilities, and social tools to maximize productivity
  • Utilizes dashboards and mobile reporting to monitor key HR metrics
  • Seamlessly manages all your HCM needs on an enterprise class, trusted, secure, certified, scalable platform
  • Shares workflows and approval processes and breaks down the walls between departments
  • Uses common reporting and analytics tools across your entire business

Solutions for human capital planning

FinancialForce.com brings you a complete and integrated human capital management (HCM) solution built for today’s global, social, and mobile organizations.

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