Human Capital Analytics provide an organization with insights to effectively manage their employees and ensuring that the business goals are reached. A common challenge found by human capital managers is that there is no consistent system to identify human capital information. Most organizations have access to the analytical data, but it’s often created in various places that are hard to analyze.

FinancialForce is built with reports and dashboards to give you 100% visibility into your entire workforce, allowing you to look into any human capital issues.

Our Human Capital Management systems summarize your human capital data into reports for future analysis. There is no coding required, and you can manage your employees from a reliable, automated system.

  • Get daily, weekly, monthly snapshot data
  • Automate capture report summary data for trend analysis
  • Add back office trend analysis to your management dashboards

Want to stay on top of your human capital resources and manage your employees' success? Switch to FinancialForce for automated reporting and simplified access to human capital analytics.