An HRM system is designed to help organizations, large or small, automate human resource business processes, transactions and payroll in order to run their businesses efficiently.

HRM software solutions include a variety of applications, such as talent acquisition, benefits administration, compensation and performance management, and career development. An HRM software system will provide a single, centralized view of your entire workforce.

FinancialForce Human Capital Management software gives you the tools to manage and organize your entire workforce from a single, unified, HR management system. Our HCM software is cloud-based and built on a platform that is easily adaptable for your business needs.

  • Easily adapt and configure your application
  • Reduce data entry and paperwork with automated workflows and notifications
  • Employees have access to view or update their personal information to free up administrative workload
  • Managers can initiate work event changes such as transfers, promotions, salary changes or terminations

FinancialForce HCM wants to grow with your business, and help you manage and administer complex HCM programs, with less time and money.